The Worth of Christ and the House of Prayer

One of the most common thoughts about a house of prayer is that many don’t understand why a community of people would think that this is a wise use of their time. In a day with a thousand options of what we could be doing, why on earth would someone choose to sit in a room and pray. Why spend hours a week in the prayer room instead of making money at work, enjoying a hobby or spending…Read More

Lord of the Harvest (Ekballo)

There is an everlasting missional problem in the world and in the Church of Jesus Christ. This problem has always been and will always be to some varying degree. However this problem can grow through the church’s lethargy or it can shrink due to her actions. This problem has everlasting consequences, both for the positive and negative. On the positive it is this problem that, when identified, stirs up believers into action. On the flip side of that coin however is the very real fact that this problem directly sends millions around the world into the outer darkness of hell…Read More

The House of Jesus

Jesus, in Matthew 21:13, gives us the identity of His house. He leaves no doubt or grey area for us to wonder. His house is to be called a house of prayer. His house, the one He is building, is not the American version of church that is full of church “attendees” who are simply looking to fulfill their moral religious obligation for the week. His house is certainly not the westernized “prosperity” church that is centered on our comfort and our love for luxury and ease. God, in this generation, is not building the Sunday-to-Sunday church that lives disconnected from His heart 6 days out of the week…Read More