Cyrus Partner

Cyrus was a gentile king whom the Lord used mightily to fund the building of the Temple. He gave more extravagantly than anyone else of his time and almost single-handedly build the Temple out of his own storehouses. The Cyrus level is the highest level of Partnership for those who feel the call for the extravagance of King Cyrus.

David Partner

David was a man after God’s heart, and it was his dream to build a Temple for God. His son Solomon would eventually finish the project, but it is David’s heart for the Lord that is remembered in Heaven forever. The David Partnership is for those people who have this heart: to see the house of the Lord built that He might be worshiped.

Nehemiah Partner

After Israel returned from Babylonian captivity, they found the Temple of the Lord in ruins. Nehemiah rose up as a leader of his day to restore the Temple to the function it had in the days of King David. The Nehemiah Partnership is for people who have a vision like Nehemiah to see God’s house of worship and adoration restored.

Key Holder Partner

Keys open doors, and in biblical times were symbols of authority. There are so many spheres of life and geographical locations that need to be opened once again for the Lord to move. Key Holders are those who hold those keys and through prayer and their Partnership allow PHOP to intercede and open those doors with them.

Gatekeeper Partner

Gates were places of strength and access in biblical times. Whoever possessed the gate ruled that city or fortress. Gatekeepers have a will to see the gates of this society and culture to be won once again for Jesus and to see Him reign and rule over them.