The Worth of Christ and the House of Prayer

One of the most common thoughts about a house of prayer is that many don’t understand why a community of people would think that this is a wise use of their time. In a day with a thousand options of what we could be doing, why on earth would someone choose to sit in a room and pray. Why spend hours a week in the prayer room instead of making money at work, enjoying a hobby or spending time with your family? To many it the house of prayer doesn’t seem like a legitimate idea and therefore they struggle to jump into the prayer room. There are many reasons that we could talk about that the bible clearly lays out that makes the house of prayer a legitimate entity, but the main driving force, the center of what we believe is simple, Jesus is worth it.

Above all else we simply believe that Jesus is worth our time, our energy and worship and therefore we continue to labor in the place of prayer. If this was the only biblical reason for the existence of the house of prayer, there are many other biblical reasons, it would be enough. The beauty of Christ is far above what we can think or imagine. We see over and over again, whether in Isaiah 6, Ezekiel 1 or Revelation 4-5 that worship and adoration of Christ is at the center of heaven. The only place where He is seen perfectly and rightly, away from the distortions of sin, incessant worship is taking place.

This is the model and the pattern that the house of prayer desires to emulate. Our heart is to exalt the worth of Christ just as it is in heaven. That we could create a place in our midst that He could dwell.

  1. Guo says:

    Paul is pretty clear about not being in eqlluay yoked. The people who are telling you to stay with him in hopes of converting him are not giving you Biblical advice. I made that same mistake myself and after 19 years of marriages and playing Christian with me my husband left me for another woman.God wants what is best for you. The only reason to date is to determine if someone is mate material.After my divorce I prayed for God to teach me how to be single. I also prayed if God had a spouse for me that He would not even allow me to date anyone until He was ready to bring my spouse into my life. I was active in my church singles group but if I felt attracted to someone God shut the door very clearly every time until the man who became my husband asked me out. I am now happily married to the strongest Christian man I know.God will bring your husband to you if you ask Him.

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